Saturday, August 28, 2010

My First Stint as Software Engineer

After bidding adieu to our cherish able memories of college days, one fine day, I got my call letter to join as a "Software Engineer" in a firm, in which I, like everyone else was looking up to, with much expectations, vying to carve a niche for myself.

After all, the transition from college to corporate, was such weird, I should say. Much hyped society to mingle with, thank goodness, the so-called college mates, all of a sudden, seem such intimate guys to hang around with. The intimacy grew by leaps and bounds, day by day, as we spend time, squatting hours together in front of a "man-made machine", brainchild of the homo sapiens, so called computer, so idiotic to be with, (remember the wrath, we get of sitting at labs in college days) yet mandating our companionship, more than a mere friend.

Finally, we have become a Software Engineer - welcome to the world of machine life, where people hardly have time to love others, than to love an idiotic box, the awe of super western culture, in the worst sense, the loss of our tradition. The awe of being paid and being independent to make both ends meet, the move towards westernization, suddenly seemed to have found an exit from our mind, with the same vigour and enthusiasm as it captured our mind, only to make us slaves of ourselves.

"Office politics" would be the first thing to graduate, from a corporate than technical /knowledge stuff. You just came to know, you are no more Mr/Miss/Mrs 'X', rather a mere resource to the people, using peers as machines :).. The person 'X' tends to loses valuable relationships, with a constant complain of 'where's time for this/that?', being so ambitious, aiming for the do's and dont's of their own posterity.

To arrive at a conclusion of "Life is no more the same and easy going as at college", it took nearly some six to seven fortnights, wherein I have prepared myself mentally and physically, to be so-called high-earning 'IT Professional', with a yearning heart and ambitious mind, toying with their future. Just say fate:)

If, anyone disagrees with me, I will just say Hats Off Man, you are damn lucky!! Destiny takes the final call :) Hope to come up with more, in the near future!!!

Cheers mate!!!!!!! Keep rocking!!!! :)


  1. Good aarthi .... Much Appreciated.....


  2. TRUE!!! wanna to go back to college :)
    Keep Rocking!!!

  3. Amazing narration! Last three lines took over every other thing. Still I’m not s/w engg but another one all time sticking in front of the same idiot box :) Spartanzz another thing makes me to read your blog. Keep going! You might be the reason for the change!

  4. @all thanks everyone :) Hope to come up with more soon.. :)