Friday, February 3, 2017

How I designed my website in 2days

Here is my first portfolio.

I had already purchased a domain for a month ago and was aiming to design and create my website on my own for a month during the winter break, whereas it never worked out. 

After the break was over, and when the career fair was about to begin, I started my marathon work of collecting all the images and all the pictures of images, which I had to put in portfolio. I organized them into group. Started with <html> </html>. Learnt about bootstrap, and font awesome and decided to use it. All it took was 2days of continuous effort, to complete it. 

At the end, it was about hosting. Hosting was so expensive, with I'm being a student, compared various vendors for safe, cheap and reliable hosting. I found bigrock, dewlance, ipage to be the lowest, but they had numerous people complain about them with customer care. Hence, I hosted it with the help of namecheap.

After configuring the DNS setting, there you go. BOOM. I'm online :)

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